Cary Bio400 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Routine use in quantification and characteriz ation makes some form of UV/Vis spectrophotometer a workhorse instrument for most laboratories. Routine measurements of buffer and sample spectra can prove useful in diagnosing and confirming problems such as aggregation or contamination.

The Cary BIO 400 is a double monochrometer design and can operate in either true double-beam or single-beam mode. The instrument is capable of high resolution, sensitivity, and photometric accuracy over the wavelength range of 175 to 900 nm. It is equipped with a multiposition cell holder (up to 12 samples in single-beam operation) with Peltier-based temperature control (-10 to 100 °C) and a rear beam attenuator, facilitating measurements to high absorbances. In addition to spectroscopy and quantitation, it is well suited for kinetic studies and following spectral changes that accompany perturbations such as temperature (i.e., melting).

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