Quantus™ Fluorometer

Optimized for Promega QuantiFluor® dye systems, the Quantus is a dual-channel fluorometer used to detect very small amounts of nucleic acids (~0.01-100 ng/µL). The Quantus is available for walkup use. To ensure accurate results, the Quantus must be calibrated for each separate dye lot used. Tubes compatible with the Quantus are available for use, however users must supply their own reagents. Measurements involve brief incubation of QuantiFluor dye and nucleic acid followed by a reading by the Quantus Fluorometer. The nucleic acid concentration is automatically calculated following the measurement. The Quantus is set up to measure ssDNA, dsDNA and RNA (each nucleic acid type requires a different dye system). It is also possible to set up the instrument with a custom dye system for nucleic acid measurement (see BIF staff to set up alternative dye protocols).


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QuantiFluor dsDNA Manual
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