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Photo of Real-Time PCR (Bio-Rad)The CFX Connect system is a Real-Time PCR detection system capable of two-target analysis and gradient thermal cycling. The 96 well block allows samples in 96-well plates or strip tubes. The high average ramping rate allows the system to rapidly reach target temperature with a 10 second settling time. The thermal gradient limits are 24ºC across the reaction block. The two-target analysis can detect single or two different fluorophores for each read of a well. It includes one channel with an LED-filter photodiode combination designed for single-color fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) experiments.

Image of well block

Graphic showing reading of panelsThe CFX Connect system is run by CFX Manager Software. This software allows for easy run setup, the ability to automatically load Bio-Rad screening panels and can automatically email data to users once the run is done.

Data Output Graphic
This system is additionally equipped with Precision Melt Analysis Software. With Precision Melt Analysis the system can perform high resolution melt (HRM) analysis. HRM analysis can distinguish nucleic acid species based on small sequence differences, which enables mutation scanning, methylation analysis and genotyping. The system can be used to detect single-base sequence variations, to discover unknown genetic mutations and quantitatively detect a small population of variant DNA in a background of wild-type sequences. This has a theoretical sensitivity approaching 5%.

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