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Installed in 2015.


Acquired in 2015, the BD Accuri system is a high-quality, simple to use, flow cytometer capable of measurements of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.  The system is equipped with blue (488 nm) and red (640nm) lasers, four variable fluorescence detectors and forward and side scatter detectors.  The Accuri records flow data on a 7-decade scale, eliminating the need to adjust detector voltages, minimizing the overall complexity of run setup.  The system also has an autosampler (C-sampler) attached; automated runs of 24 standard flow tubes (5mL, 12x75mm) or 96-well plates are possible. The standard filter/detector setup is listed in the table below.

Detector Laser Wavelength (Bandwidth)
FL1 Blue 533 (30) nm
FL2 Blue 585 (40) nm
FL3 Blue 670 (LP) nm Long pass
FL4 Red 675 (25) nm

Additionally, optional filters are available and the system can run with 2, 3 or 4 detectors off of the blue lasers.  Please see BIF staff for directions on changing the filters and laser setup.

Additional Filters 780 (60) nm 630 (30) nm 610 (20) nm